Your NFFD Support Team

Your support team is Michelle and Cameron. They are both available to support you during normal office hours.


Long term staff member Michelle has been on the Pre Paid Probate project from its inception. With her extensive administration, sales and training skills she will be able to help you increase your profitability through this exciting new product. Any other support you feel you need she is your first call. She understands the whole Later Life Planning (LPP) industry and as a former Pre Paid Funeral Plan executive she is particularly keen to see this product as its replacement in the industry. She is only a phone call away!


Cameron is your Marketing and Technical expert. If it doesn’t work he will fix it! He has an enormous amount of technical expertise that has been partly instrumental in landing this great new product. Part of his role with the company is ‘Agent Provisioning’. Now you have decided to become an NFFD Agent, he is here to make sure you have all the information and tools you need to make it a success! He will also be available to help you with any website management you may need to help you market this product for 2022.

Speak to Your Support Team by Calling Our Hotline on

01903 207 808