NFFD Newsletter – June 2021

NFFD Newsletter – June 2021

We hope you have had a great month! Here’s a roundup of the NFFD’s favourite news stories and exclusive offers from our selected partners.

News & Guidance

Scotland’s rules ease for funerals

Covid restrictions for weddings have eased in Scotland, with live entertainment allowed and suppliers no longer part of the limit on guests.

Funeral directors must make prices clearer, says UK regulator

Funeral directors across the UK must publish clear price lists and will be banned from paying hospitals and care homes for referrals under new measures to help bereaved families.

Grieving son calls for ‘smack in the face’ funeral limits to be eased

Mike Johnson, from Castleford, wants Wakefield Council to lift its cap of 30 on those attending services at Pontefract Crematorium.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts


The National Federation of Funeral Directors has partnered with Dell to offer exclusive discounts and services to our valued members. Including:
  • 10-20% discount off laptops, desktops and accessories
  • Access to Small Business Technology Advisors
  • Dedicated account manager to work with you

Goldcross Cargo

Repatriation of human remains or Cremated Remains has always been difficult, well, not anymore. Goldcross Cargo make it easy for you to find the cheapest direct or indirect flights (subject to availability) to your required destination.

Goldcross Cargo now offer repatriation of Human Remains and Cremated Remains, to countries all around the world at very low and affordable prices.

To help NFFD members, Goldcross Cargo are offering an additional 10% off of your first repatriation service with them.

If you would like some more information on the great services provided by Goldcross Cargo, please click the button below!

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